close up of Digital

Only within the body - 1.

Only within the body, tracking back. always connected. never far away from you.
from trinity - two minds with the one, upper half. before the generation of dimensions.

Senses are to sense the material (conscious brain traveling through layers, realization in physical form with the help of Senses), but they develop taste, a sure shot way for speeding the expansion of universe towards Collapse must be attachment.

In the densest of vacuum the desire rides high, Abstraction (first of it came to me in 2007) - made giant voids and longing to see more of beauty - started chocking, it taught me how not to ask, the first Subjective made in 2009 ending, were the savior, I learned not to depend on ONE thing, as it ended all paths efficiently, and to use voids to accommodate thoughts rather than more voids. now bridge has to be my favorite as it allows more on both side without any bio hazard.

Desire - unexplainable in the continuation. (variable Degrees, farthest from center or burgeoning towards collapse - in the conscious)

In Search of Sati, Time - Deep Down the Center - 4th layer - closeup between 270 and 30 degrees.

Acrylic on board.
(approx 4 sq in area closeup of untitled)
From the series of Sahasrara, (under Singularity): 10th layer, 270 degree, in the part of left brain, observing position of best possible ways for Visarjan.

closeup from Trinetra - Trinity, one mind from two, with the One, Deep Down center (of the one mind), continuation coming out here surprises me, as it isn't conscious work on continuation, seems like this is where Time starts a New.


Acrylic on board.
(approx 2 sq in area closeup of untitled)


close up of, digital works from the series “Fundamental(yeast)s of “hell(o )world” programming - for the beginners”, (all single edition digital works, measuring: 34” * 48”, print on archival matt paper).

the flame and the moth - 3

(1) Acrylic on board (2) Digital Print
24" * 24" (2) 2009 -10.

Kerosene: the gifted skincare for the middle class sunflower

In the snakepit of whisperers and workers.

(1) Acrylic on board (2) Mixed Media
24" * 24" , 12" * 24" (2)

The Flame and the Moth -1

Title: The Flame and the Moth - 1

Medium: Acrylic on board (9mm thick) (1), digital print (1)

Size: 48” * 36” – (1), 48” * 24” (1)

One sqft Home

(1) Acrylic on board (2) Digital Print
24" * 24", 48" * 24"
2009 -10.
Worksheet in the hands of GOD.

Chocked by food and exuberance, the cry of contemporary silence.

(1) Acrylic on board (2) Digital Print, 24" * 24", 48" * 24" 2009 -10.

"In the name of science and progress- THE MOTHER EARTH"

In the pain induced trance,
I saw the vision of this land;

I smelled the earthy fragrance,
the essence of life and lull;

I felt on extended hands,
the soothing cool of water with the air;

The aura of the heavens,
alights this world with its blaze;

I walked down the path,
to... the lush vegetation and the plains;

Deep in to the forests,
where life grows and rests;

where the wind blew clean and cool,
soothing the wounds of even the dead;

suddenly with the start,
i wakes to the real;

which never fails to lurk,
from behind the golden face;

the darkness of the hell,
has, descended on this place;

soot suffocates my heart,
already buried under the plastic carts;

i gathers this charred remains,
the mother earth in my hands;

which once used to be a salve,
slips from my fingers now;

and what was once a balm,
poisons my blood now;

the ambrosia which i dreamed of,
evaporated in the air;

and the right to be alive,
dead before the death.

By Nital Bhuva

Chained to the ruler counting all size zeros

(1) Acrylic on board (2) Digital print
24" * 24" (2)
2009 - 10


Acrylic on board, (close - up)


The SIM Card Seller.
Acrylic on board


Untitled - close up of 4 sq inch area
(fron acrylic on board, chained to the ruler counting all size zeros)

The Beginning.

The day when I first thought of lines,
The day when I first thought of shapes;

A sunny afternoon when I first drew a face,
A crying girl who wanted to tell her tale;

Long many years back when I first thought of life and death,
I saw the charred remains on the deserted plains;

A horse with a broken leg,
Trying to walk just a single step;
To reach within a garbage bag,
That icy afternoon, in front of my gate;

That bull trying to pull his weight,
The lines of that harness, trying to cut his neck;

Those moss green eyes in front of me,
Making me wonder about its heritage;

All the while I tried to comprehend,
The harsh truths of life and its pace;

When I started to learn the happiness,
I saw the beauty in that hideous place;

I saw him with her on a mare,
Wind and sun shine blowing on their face;

I saw her swinging under a tree, near a lake,
Her mother cooking nearby and sang;

I saw him for the first time in my life then,
And I thanked god for making me what i was then;

I felt a tied of happiness in a moment,
And a fierce stab of pain in the next;

I had lost him once in a dream, and,
I lost him than, once, all over again;

When I woke on those tormented nights,
Running towards him and the safety of his face;

I tried to draw him with no success,
In my thoughts there always was a faceless face;

I wanted to draw all that, but never with a pen,
I created in my mind the world of lines and shapes;

Colors started to seep in, them,
Making them more vivid and fact;

With those blended boundaries about them,
They drew me to distraction and unrest;

After so many long years of quest,
Again, a sunny afternoon, AT LAST;
At last, I find paint brush in my hands,

The beginning of a journey, towards realizing that face!!

By Nital Bhuva.